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 The sheep  wool cycle

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“Pisões e Tradições” recreates the sheep wool cycle, from the shearing to the confection of the covers made of burel. Burel is a waterptoof fabric. It's completely made of wool.

At every step of the process we consider that going to Pisão is the most awaited moment.
Going back to the old times where everything was manufactured, challenge the memory and the wisdom are enough stimulus to develop the tradition of the burel at the "Traje Tradicional de Barroso".

It will take place on the 22nd and 23rd of February

The wool had a big importance in the “ Traje Tradicional de Barroso".

From the shearing to the covers made of burel we found tecnics and artesenal knowledge which were a tradition from the people from the mountain.

The dry weather, the scarcity of financial resources has sharpened the audacity and the ability to survive the cold winters.

Warm clothes that could withstand snow and rain were necessary - the burel fulfilled those requirements.

On the 22th and 23rd of February you 'll get to know the process of the wool trimming. You will get to visit the Tabuadela Pisão to learn the history of that surrounds it and the way it works.

We will provide you with a guided tour of the history and traditions of the people.

Discover the history and traditions that make this place
World Agricultural Heritage



Francisco Fernandes

75 years old, owner  of the Pisão. As a boy, he accompanied his father on the works at the mill. Despite the arduous tasks, he maintained the affective memory of the place and the skills he acquired. It is through the voice of Mr. Francisco that we will learn more about wool trimming. Burel will be made from his hands again at the Tabauadela Pisão.

Paula Oliveira

Since she was a child, she had contact with rural communities. Through her grandmother's hand, she discovered ways of knowing and crafting that always aroused her curiosity. In 2017, she started to work in collecting and sharing the Traditional Culture of Barroso guided by octogenarian masters.



Assembly point at the Barroso EcoMuseum-"Casa do Capitão" in Salto. Historical and Cultural framework. The sheep wool cycle in Barroso -from the shearing to the covers made of burel. The mans work in sustaining his home. And to finish it off, the visit to the Pisão.

The event will last 3 hours



22th of February: 10AM to 13PM and 16PM to 19PM

23rd of February: 10AM to 13PM and 16PM to 19PM

Limit of 8 people per visit


35‎€ per person

17,5€ children till the age of 12

Reservations till the 16th of February

Cabril Eco Rural

Ecomuseu de Barroso – Casa do Capitão

Cabril Eco Rural is about a way of living, caring, believing, growing and feeling. 

Cabril Eco Rural is about nature and our love for it.

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