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Live like a local

An experience that you will never forget

Cabril is a parish totally inside the Peneda-Gerês National Park. Located in the northeast of Portugal, it is part of a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems, recognized in 2018 by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.


It is a region full of history, traditions, beautiful landscapes and unique flavors.  

For these three days we chose a simple, cozy and comfortable Guest House, a gastronomy based on local and organic products and selected a few rural experiences to  drive you to an immersion in the mountain local life.

Fall in love with this unforgettable place!!!




  • 2 nights in a Guest House with breakfast;

  • Private guided tour;

  • A local shepherd who will share his working day with you;

  • Guided tour at Quinta da AlbaLeda

  • Linen workshop where you'll  make your own flax yarn, spun by you;

  • 4 meals;

  • Insurance as per law.

not included

  • Transfer from and to the Guest House. If you need it, we can also provide it;

  • Any personal expenses.

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day 1

The arrival day is the right time to introduce you to this unbelievable place. A welcome drink and a briefing are the good ingredients for that.
Later, we will serve dinner, your first immersion in the flavors of the land. After dinner you will have the opportunity to discover the entire linen cycle, from the field to loom.

day 2

In this day, we make a real immersion in rural life. After breakfast, we'll meet the shepherd to accompany him on his day of work in the mountains. Up there, you will have the opportunity to see beautiful landscapes and learn more about the relationship of  this mountain people with animals and nature.

day 3

On the last day of your experience you will visit Quinta da AlbaLeda, where all of Paula's animals live. The friendly and old donkey, the jealous goat and the curious sheeps, among other animals, will need you to feed them.
With your cooperation, we will cook lunch in the firewood.
As we don't like goodbyes, we prefer “see you soon”.  We're sure you will want to come back.



My name is Paula, I was born in Lisbon. I am the daughter of a fado, bohemian father and a beautiful lady from Cabril.
I am a mixture of the two. I love urban life, cinema, theatre, music, the university, the great museums, the city scene, but it's in rural life that I find the harmony I need in my life.
​ Through the hand of my maternal grandmother, I found ways to know how to make handicrafts that always aroused my curiosity.
The happy moments of my childhood were spent in Cabril. The trips to the mill, the paths taken, the smiles of the people, the smells, the fresh air, the clear water, the simplicity of life, the care of animals... memories that made me return and live and work here.
I am eternally in love with people and places. 


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