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Cabril Eco Rural is committed to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and has focused mainly on the following SDGs
#3 - Quality healthcare, #4 - Quality education, #10 - Reducing inequalities, #12 - Responsible production and consumption, #13  - Ecological Footprint, #15 - Protecting Life on Earth #17 - Partnerships



Annually, we offer educational activities and cultural and environmental awareness to the students of Escola EB1, JI de Cabril. When possible, the students of Escola de Salto also participate.

We are lucky to be able to count on the support of ICNF, Municipality of Montalegre, Ecomuseum of Barroso, Baldios de Cabril and Parish Council of Cabril. Thanks to these partners, we are able to do more and better.



>> Raise awareness for the conservation and defense of endogenous resources;

>> Bringing the school closer to the surrounding rural environment;

>> Motivate family members and guardians to actively participate in the school life of their students;

>> Create animation dynamics between different age groups;

>> Promote knowledge of the territory;

>> Valuing natural resources

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