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welcome, whoever comes for good

I rebuilt this house picturing the best for your accommodation. It is simple, cozy, comfortable, unpretentious and imperfect.

The Casa Velha (Old House) was the home of my maternal ancestors. It’s the place where my grandmother was born, my uncles and my mother. From what was once a small hut, there are some stones and many memories of Grandma Maria de Jesus.

​​Grandmother Maria was a woman of small stature, very thin, hardworking, caring and intolerant of vanity, laziness, avarice and gluttony. The need gave her cunning, sagacity, audacity and courage. Supportive and generous but, rough in the treat and sharing emotions. She didn't know "a letter of a train size," as she so often said, however, it was one of the wisest women I've ever had as a teacher.

Casa Velha is located in Lugar da Vila, in the center of the Parish of Cabril, in the middle of the Gerês mountain range.

It is surrounded by mountains and beautiful and unique landscapes, waterfalls, rivers and lakes.

From here you can enjoy rural life and, above all, contribute to an ecotourism and sustainable development project.

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 At 50 km from Braga and 1h30 from Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport, in Oporto.​

ALL are welcome. We ask that you respect the rules of the house, the local community and the nature.


PETFRIENDLY accommodation​

Your best friends are welcome, but, like their owners, they have to abide by the rules of accommodation.

Owners must arrange a bed for the dogs. Pets are prohibited from staying in the beds or sofas of the house.

On the street, they should use leash, not go to the vegetable garden/ garden.

​ When you make your booking, you must mention the number of animals you bring with you.

The value of the stay is 15€/night for each pet.

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