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In this e-book you will learn, step by step, how to have linen yarn.

>> First step: sowing
>> Second step: Watering and weeding
>> Third step: take a chance

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About me

My name is Paula Oliveira and, like linseed, I am very saucy. I graduated in Portuguese and Lusophone Studies from the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa and I have a master's degree in Cultural Project Management from the Universidad de Alcalá, Madrid. 
Through the hand of my maternal grandmother, I found ways to know how to make handicrafts that always aroused my curiosity. I am eternally in love with people and places.
In 2014 I started Cabril Eco Rural, a rural development and sustainable tourism project.
In 2016, guided by octogenarian masters and masters, I began the work of collecting and sharing Barroso's Traditional Culture. Thanks to this human heritage, it has been possible for me to learn the art and crafts related to linen, wool and rye.
In 2017 I did my first linen cycle and, since then, I have the mission of not allowing the linen to disappear again in Barroso.

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