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PISSIONS AND TRADITIONS - The Wool Cycle in Barroso

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Wool once played a key role in Barroso traditional costume. From shearing to the confection of “burel” covers, we find techniques and artisanal knowledge specific from these mountain people.

The information, which I now share, was collected in the various villages of Barroso. It is the result of several interviews and hours of conversation with women and men who lived their childhoods surrounded by spindles, reels, cards and long evenings at the fireplace.


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Cabril Eco Rural is about a way of living, caring, believing, growing and feeling.  

Cabril Eco Rural is about nature and our love for it. 


paula oliveira

Degree in Portuguese and Lusophone Studies from the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, Universidade Nova de Lisboa and Master in Cultural Project Management from the Universidad de Alcalá, Madrid. Since I was a child, I have had contact with rural communities. Through my grandmother's hand, I found ways of knowing and making handicrafts that always aroused my curiosity. In 2017, I started a work of collecting and sharing the Traditional Culture of Barroso. Guided by octogenarian masters, I have been able to travel in this thematic universe that is linen, wool and rye.

Photography  Sandra Antunes

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