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Linen workshop 100% free / 100% online


This workshop is  100% online and 100% free 
You will get to know the culture, tradition, people, places and, of course, find out how you can have 100% handcrafted linen yarn.

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About me

My name is Paula Oliveira and, like linseed, I am very saucy. I graduated in Portuguese and Lusophone Studies from the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa and I have a master's degree in Cultural Project Management from the Universidad de Alcalá, Madrid. 
Through the hand of my maternal grandmother, I found ways to know how to make handicrafts that always aroused my curiosity. I am eternally in love with people and places.
In 2014 I started Cabril Eco Rural, a rural development and sustainable tourism project.
In 2016, guided by octogenarian masters and masters, I began the work of collecting and sharing Barroso's Traditional Culture. Thanks to this human heritage, it has been possible for me to learn the art and crafts related to linen, wool and rye.
In 2017 I did my first linen cycle and, since then, I have the mission of not allowing the linen to disappear again in Barroso.


Cabril Eco Rural is about a form of  to live,  take care,  to believe,  to grow  and  to feel.  

Cabril Eco Rural is about  nature  It's ours  love  for her. 


Tim, Australia

"Paula gives her heart to what she does. She's open, welcoming and caring. She is creating an exciting natural tourism business and has some fantastic goals and ideas."  



Paula puts her whole heart into what she does. She is open, welcoming and caring. He is creating an exciting ecotourism business and he has some fantastic ideas and goals. 

Marcel, Germany

"Paula ist eine sehr freundliche Gastgeberin und tut sehr viel für die Zufriedenheit ihrer Gäste. Paula ist sehr gut über die Umgebung informiert und kann einige gute Tipps geben."  


Paula is a very friendly hostess and does a lot to make her guests happy. Paula is very knowledgeable about the surroundings and can give you some good tips.

Jorge, Spain

"Involved in Cabril's life and day to day, respectful of its surroundings, and very attentive to the environment, present your surroundings as an expert, helping at all times and very attentive. 100x100 recommendable!" 

"Involved in Cabril's day-to-day, respectful and attentive to the environment, it presents itself as an expert, helping you and always being very attentive. 100%  recommendable!" 

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